Meet your Police & Crime Commissioner – 2 August 2019

Matthew Scott, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Kent, is coming to New Ash Green to meet and listen to local people.

His job is to set policing priorities for the county, by consulting with the public and putting together a Police and Crime Plan. He then holds the Chief Constable of Kent to account for the delivery of that plan. The Commissioner decides the amount of council tax that goes to policing and he sets the overall policing budget. In addition, he provides services for victims of crime and funds community safety projects.

This is your chance to tell the Commissioner what you want to see the Police doing in our area. How can they be more effective in fighting crime and dealing with offenders? What Police resources do we need in New Ash Green, Hartley and Longfield? Which crimes should they be concentrating on?

Matthew will be in New Ash Green Village Hall on Friday 2nd August from 10:00am.