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Keep New Ash GREEN

Help fight the Ash Place Farm development proposed by Berkeley Homes, the development for around 580 new homes (equivalent to seven new neighbourhoods in New Ash Green!)

This proposal if it goes through will take away out previous green belt, and turn the whole area into just another urban sprawl.  Our roads cannot cope now and they certainly won’t if this goes through.   The whole of New Ash Green is defined by a thick tree belt – come and see our aerial photos.  We need to preserve the setting and special character of New Ash Green.  The only way this can be done is to FIGHT THESE PROPOSALS. 

Please click here for a online copy of our leaflet delivered through every door in the village; Keep New Ash GREEN leaflet

Calling All Dog Owners


Over the winter months the number of used poo bags being discarded inappropriately (in hedgerows and trees, on verges, and throughout our woodlands) has increased dramatically.  A member the Woodlands Group recently removed over 200 from the badgers’ sett in Nine Horse Wood.  This is not acceptable.   If you are a dog owner, you are responsible for clearing up after your pet and putting the bagged poo into one of the many bins provided.  Most of us do this, but there is a small (but very significant) minority who don’t.  If you are one of those, your behaviour is giving all dog owners a bad name and is leading to unsightly contamination throughout the village.  Thankyou to all those who behave responsibly and who also find this disgusting habit intolerable.

Community Spirit in New Ash Green

The Village Association was delighted to receive the following message from a resident showing just how prevalent community spirit in the village is!

“Dear VA,
Last week I had a nasty accident, whilst parking my automatic car in the garage I heard a loud noise outside and inadvertently hit the automatic pedal and went right through the back of my garage. No-one was hurt thankfully including myself, except for severe shock

What happened next regarding my neighbours changed everything. First one neighbour arrived, checked I was OK and then went into practical mode. Next arrived a lovely fairly new neighbour who with her cool approach helped me so much as I could not get out of my car at this stage. She arrived with a glass of water and calming words. I remember joking with her that this wasn’t how I would have chosen to get to know her! We both laughed as she gave me a hug.

Oh my, then the team arrived, as each neighbour heard, they went into action, joists were organised, traffic bollards arrived and everything with the garage was made safe. Then my immediate neighbour reversed my car out of the garage to make it safe. You might think it would end there – oh no then each of their partners heard the news, firstly two arrived with real comforting words and hugs amidst my tears. Then one of my neighbours partners was out all day so she arrived the next day with a big hug (so welcome) and beautiful flowers.

My O my in this day and age of folk communicating less and less other than through Facebook, I just want to encourage folk in New Ash Green that neighbourliness still exists, as it may have looked in the 70s when this village was first built.

My experience was initially truly scary, but the kindness that I was shown cannot be bought.

Good neighbours still exist, certainly where I live and they are priceless”