The Mote

Photograph of The Mote flats20 flats.

Quarterly service charges (a £50.00 ground rent is also payable) are (2019 figures):

  • All except 13 & 14: £225.00
  • 13 & 14: £265.00

Fees to the Village Association are paid every 6 months in June and December at the annual rate of £19.90 for every 100 square feet of floorspace in the property. Houses vary from 700 sq ft to 894 sq ft.

The external redecoration of the neighbourhood by the society are;

  • Exterior: Took place in 2019 and due again in 2023
  • Interior: Took place in 2016 and due again in 2020

Refuse collection on Wednesday.

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The Mote flats map [PDF]