Local Government

New Ash Green is mostly in the civil parish of Ash-cum-Ridley.  A small part, Northfield by Milestone School, is in Hartley parish.  The parish councils are responsible for local issues like maintaining public rights of way and reviewing and commenting on planning applications.  They also provide facilities like the Ash Green Sports Centre and the burial ground alongside Ash Parish Church.  The two parish councils jointly manage Northfield as an open space for the community on behalf of the Village Association.

The next tier of local government is Sevenoaks District Council.  They are responsible for waste collection, recycling and street cleaning as well as services like social housing (with West Kent Housing and other providers) and planning and building control.  Sevenoaks District Council also handle environmental health, community safety and work to promote the economic development of the district.  They collect Council Tax but pass most of it to the other councils and the fire and police authorities.

Kent County Council covers education, highways and transport, social services, trading standards and many other roles on a county-wide basis.

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