Report a Problem

The best way to report issues to the Village Association is via the Help Portal


Many residents are surprised the most of the street lights in the village are owned and maintained by the Village Association. The asset map can be used to identify a lights reference number and report any issues. The exception are the light within the shopping centre.

Water Leaks

The water mains in the village are provided by South East Water. If you spot a leak you can report this directly via their interactive map Report-a-Leak.

Sewage and Household Drains

The sewer network in the village is maintained by Thames Water. If you believe there is a blockage outside your home and on public land, it is the responsibility of Thames Water. You can Report-a-Blockage here.
There have been reports of Thames Water trying to claim blockages on park land the are responsibility of the homeowner. These are know as lateral drains and still the responsibility of Thames Water. Please quote them Bulletin Board Ref: BB969633.