The village of New Ash Green is made up of groups of houses, or ‘neighbourhoods’ as they are known. Each neighbourhood is different, according to its position, layout and style. There are 24 of these neighbourhoods varying from just 16 houses up to 183 including two low rise blocks of flats. There is also a small gated development of 12 bungalows adjacent to the South Car Park. The Residents Society of each specific neighbourhood manages the land within it, including greenlands, paths, trees, sewers; additionally it organises the four-yearly external house repaints.

Funding: The Residents Society’s income is from “subscriptions” charged to all properties within its neighbourhood, fixed annually at the Society’s AGM calculated according to the size of the property.

The Registered Office for each Residents’ Society for official correspondence is: Centre Road, New Ash Green, Longfield, Kent DA3 8HH.

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Map of New Ash Green Neighbourhoods