Who’s Who? Guide

The Village Association

The Village Association, known universally as ‘The VA’, owns all land in the Village not owned by individual residents or public authorities. It does NOT own the Shopping Centre.

It manages directly all land outside of the individual residential neighbourhoods.

Residents Societies

Every householder (and that includes people who own flats) becomes a shareholder of the Residents Society for the neighbourhood in which they own a property. This gives them the right to vote at a Society’s AGM, and if they chose to do so, they can offer to sit on the Society’s management committee, in that way, they have a direct say in the day to day management of their neighbourhood. Each individual Residents Society manages its own estate grounds.

The Developers

The first developer was Span who built the first four hundred or so houses in the village on Over Minnis, Punchcroft, Knights Croft, Millfield and Lambardes. They were followed by Bovis, who built most of the rest of the village, with Gough Cooper (Olivers Mill and part of Chapel Wood), Wards, who built Seven Acres and Wiltshiers who built Bazes Shaw.

The “Village Agreement”

The “Village Agreement” is the Master legal document which defines the framework for the whole village, copies of which can be obtained from the VA office for a nominal fee. It explains the rights and obligations of each of householder, residents’ society and the VA.

Byelaws and Covenants

In common with most building schemes today, all properties in New Ash Green are subject to restrictive and personal covenants intended to protect the original design concept and to provide a legal basis for the management of common services in the village. Additionally, there are byelaws regulating the use of all amenity land in New Ash Green. More details can be found on a separate page.