Bazes Shaw

Photograph of Bazes Shaw neighbourhood156 houses built by Wiltshiers for the North British Housing Association.

Quarterly subscriptions for differing sizes of property (there is a 5% discount for prompt payment, including standing orders) are (June 2023 figures):

  • Up to 699 sq ft: £84.89
  • 700-1,169 sq ft: £109.15
  • 1,170+ sq ft: £121.28

Fees to the Village Association are paid every 6 months in June and December at the annual rate of £22.50 for every 100 square feet of floorspace in the property. Houses vary from 540 sq ft to 1462 sq ft.

Refuse collection on Tuesday.

The external redecoration of the neighbourhood by the Society took place in 2022 and is due again in 2026.

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Bazes Shaw neighbourhood map [PDF]